Gluten is a term for protein composites that occur naturally in wheat, barley and rye. It provides the elasticity in bread dough (gluten is Latin for “glue”), it is present in all-grain beer to varying degrees, measured in parts per million. Traditional Hefeweizen is highest in gluten where wheat proteins cause the cloudy appearance—while commercial lagers are brewed partly with gluten free ingredients such as rice and thus are lower.

Gluten, and its potential for causing gastrointestinal distress, has become a polarizing topic in the food industry. In addition to many that suffer from Celiac Disease and  cannot consume products containing gluten, thousands of gluten free products flooded the market touting better health and weight loss promises. Either way, a chance to eat or drink your favorite things with the gluten reduced or removed is a saving grace to many.

To reduce the gluten in beer, brewers use a product that contains a food engineered enzyme. This enzyme was used by large commercial breweries for over a decade to reduce chill haze in beer. It was discovered that by  adding this enzyme during fermentation it had the effect of reducing gluten levels to less than 20 ppm. One thing that has been proven is that the addition of this enzyme does not affect the flavor of the beer. All beers brewed at Broken Plow are now Gluten Reduced. All beer lines were switched out to brand new lines in preparation for the enzyme addition and assures a Gluten Reduced end product. We have tested and continue to test our Gluten levels at a local laboratory. All beers tested have levels of 10ppm or less. The level that is considered Gluten Free is 20ppm. Our governing entity the TTB ( Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) does not allow a Gluten Free labeling on beer that contains grain. Our Celiac patrons have been enjoying our beers without issue, but if you are very sensitive you may want to use caution.  You will not notice a change in the flavor or appearance of any of our beers.  Please continue to enjoy this improved product!